SBAT Information For Employers

Sydney Catholic Schools is keen for employers to take up school based apprenticeships and traineeships and will provide ongoing support to those who choose to do so. School based apprenticeships and traineeships offer a valuable pathway for students and an excellent means for developing the skilled employees so desired by employers.


Sydney Catholic Schools requests employers to:

  • respond to questions asked by Sydney Catholic schools as set out in the Employer Questionnaire and Checklist form
  • read the Student Needs Assessment declaration, if provided and respond as necessary
  • provide a safe and non-threatening work environment for the apprentice or trainee
  • be aware of the purpose of the SBAT Incident Report and follow-up procedures
  • comply with relevant laws including WHS and child protection laws
  • notify the student’s school if your apprentice or trainee is absent from scheduled work during school hours

State Training Services

For specialist advice about the operation of school based apprenticeships and traineeships in your area, including other employers offering these opportunities, contact your local State Training Services office on 13 28 11. State Training Services support school based apprenticeships and traineeships and work closely at the local level with other personnel including the Department’s regional vocational education consultants mentioned below.

For further information:

  • about school based apprenticeships and traineeships in NSW, visit
  • about apprenticeships and traineeships in NSW, including school based apprenticeships and traineeships, visit
  • about the contact details of Australian Apprenticeship Centres, including those supporting your postcode area, visit
  • about working with children and young people, visit the Commission for Children and Young People website at or telephone 02 9286 7219
  • on workplace safety and workers compensation matters, contact WorkCover NSW on 02 4321 5000 or the WorkCover Assistance Service on 13 10 50 or visit

Further contacts for school based apprenticeships and traineeships

  • The SBAT Coordinator [link to contact form]