Trade Training/Skills Centres

Sydney Catholic Schools has a dedicated vocational college at Burwood and a network of specialised Trade Training/Skills Centres at Bankstown, Hinchinbrook and Pagewood. These centres have industry-standard state of the art facilities and a range of VET programs to give you a head start with your career.

Students enrolling full-time in Years 11 and 12 are able to take advantage of:

  • flexible timetabling to accommodate both your HSC studies and work-based learning
  • more time in the workplace – either on work placement or paid work for SBATs
  • a wider range of VET courses to choose from
  • specialisation studies to complete higher level qualifications
  • experienced staff who can help with mentoring, career planning and work arrangements
  • industry and community partnerships to promote learning in the workplace.

Our Trade Training/Skills Centres are:

Southern Cross Catholic Vocational College Burwood


VET CoursesAutomotive, Beauty, Business Services, Construction, Early Childhood, Entertainment, Events, Fitness, Furniture Making, Hairdressing, Hospitality,  Human Services (Health), Information Digital Media and Technology, Music Industry, Property Services (Agency), Retail Services, Screen and Media, Sport Coaching

Saint Yon Trade Training Centre at LaSalle Catholic College, Bankstown


VET CoursesAutomotive, Business Services, Construction, Electrotechnology, Fitness, Hospitality, Information Digital Media and Technology, Metal and Engineering

St Joseph Trades Skills Centre at Good Samaritan Catholic College Hinchinbrook


VET CoursesAutomotive, Beauty Services – Make-Up, Business Services, Construction, Early Childhood, Electrotechnology, Fitness, Hairdressing, Hospitality, Human Services (Health), Information Digital Media and Technology, Retail

Ngalangiil Ngarandhii Trade Training Centre at Champagnat Catholic College Pagewood


VET CoursesAutomotive, Business Services, Construction, Hospitality, Sport Coaching

External (EVET) Students

While many students enrol full-time at Southern Cross and the Trade Training/Skills Centres, some courses are also offered one session per week (usually in the afternoon) so that students can attend part-time as external students. In some specialisation courses, students are able to complete full certificate III qualifications that are not available at their home school.

What courses are available?

  • Overview of courses available at TTC/TSCs in 2018

    How do I apply?

    • Before applying, students will need to
      • discuss their subject selection options with their school coordinator. Only applications that are supported by the student’s home school will be considered.
      • obtain a Unique Student Identifier. If you don’t already have one go to
    • When you are ready to apply, complete this form:

    Application for an EVET course at a TTC/TSC.

    • First round applications will close on Friday 1 September.
    • Students must investigate courses carefully and attend any information sessions required by the TTC/TSC to ensure they are making well-informed course choices.
    • Once applications have been received, the relevant TTC/TSC will contact the school to confirm details provided by the student, determine viability of running courses (subject to there being sufficient student numbers) and notify schools of course schedules, days and times.