VET courses delivered by SCS Training Centres and External Providers

For students in Years 10, 11 and 12, VET qualifications not delivered at their own school may be available at either:

  • a Sydney Catholic Schools Training Centre
  • a NSW TAFE College, or
  • a Private Provider

Schools have responsibility for managing applications and students must always discuss their options with their school coordinator. For students in systemic Catholic schools, where a course is available at a Sydney Catholic Schools Training Centre within reasonable travelling distance, students must attend this course rather than with another provider.

When applying for a VET course, students and their parents will need to show that:

  • Career pathway planning is integral to the student’s course selection
  • The student understands the commitment required, including:
    • The completion of all course requirements, including mandatory work placement
    • Regular attendance. Students are responsible for arranging their own travel and meeting the travel costs
    • Time-tabling issues which may require students to catch up on class work missed at school

Click here for the Expression of Interest form 2024

VET Courses delevered at SCS Training Centres 

  • Southern Cross Catholic College Burwood [School code: 10996]
  • Saint Yon Trade Training Centre Bankstown [School code: 77695]
  • St Joseph Trades Skills Centre Hinchinbrook [School code: 77700]

Each of these centres has state of the art, industry-standard facilities where students can undertake vocational qualifications. While students may enrol full time at our Training Centres, many courses are also offered one session per week (usually in the afternoon) so that students can attend part-time as external students.

The courses offered are intended to complement those already offered at schools and to provide students with a broader range of VET subject options. In some specialisation courses, students are able to complete full certificate III qualifications that are not available at their home school.

In addition TAFE NSW and a number of Private Registered Training Organisations provide VET Courses also. These should only be considered where the required course is not offred at a student’s home school and where a SCS Training Centre does not offer the course or if the Training Centre difficult to access.

Overview of courses available at SCS Training Centres in 2024

How do I apply?

  1. Select the course you are interested in from the above Overview of courses available at SCS Training Centres
  2. Read the requirements of the course in the VET Courses section of this website and make sure you understand the course requirements.
  3. Complete the Expression of Interest form and give it to your school Coordinator. Only applications that are supported by the student’s home school will be considered.
  4. When your expression of interest has been approved by your school, click on the link below and complete the online application form. (Before applying, you will need to obtain a Unique Student Identifier (USI). If you don’t already have one, go to


Application to enrol in a course delivered at a SCS Training Centre or EVET course


  • First round applications will close on Friday 8 September 2023.
  • Students must investigate courses carefully and attend any interviews or information sessions required by the Training Centre to ensure they are making well-informed course choices. Some courses also involve completion of a selection test. In most courses there are mandatory Work Placement expectations, and in some cases there are vaccination requirements.
  • There is a levy payable for externally-delivered courses. The amount varies depending on a number of factors. You should confirm this with your school before applying.
  • Once applications have been received, the relevant Training Centre will contact the school to confirm details provided by the student and determine viability of running courses (subject to there being sufficient student numbers). The Training Centre will notify schools if the student’s application has been successful and provide further information about course schedules, days and times.
  • When requested by the Training Centre, schools will need to forward the students’ completed Expression of Interest forms.
  • Once enrolments have been confirmed at the beginning of the year, Sydney Catholic Schools will invoice schools for the student levy.


External VET Courses at TAFE and Private RTOs 

Information regarding External VET Provision offered to students in Years 9-12, can be found here.

For further information contact your school Career Adviser or VET Coordinator


Information for Schools

2024 EVET Processes for Systemic Schools (intranet login required) (Updated July 2023)

Guidelines for VET Courses delivered at SCS Training Centres 2024 (Updated July 2023)

Page last updated: July 2023